Blind Date – Finally Meeting

The room was filled with the almost overwhelming smell of smoke, alcohol, and sweat. The sound of the door shutting with a clack behind you was accompanied by a gust of chilled air blowing across your neck. Music on the jukebox was so loud you were amazed it wasn’t shaking the walls but then again, you were used to this bar. With its dim interior lighting, wooden accents, and low front ceilings, you got a sense of normalcy. The bar ran the length of the left wall. Stools lined up all the way down and tonight there wasn’t a single empty one that you could see. Patrons filled the tables and booths that sat across the far-right wall. Small groups of people were in the center dancing to the pounding beat of the latest song. A slight partial wall on the right further down the bar, separating the front of the bar from the back where you knew pool tables were set up. Just beyond those were the bathrooms.

Taking in a deep breath, you try to stave off the anxiety building in your stomach at the reminder of why you were here. You were here to see her. The girl you have been talking back and forth to on the phone. The one you have sent numerous text messages to that you feel you know her intimately better than anyone else in the world. You understand each other and you know this connection was more than just fancy words with racing emotions.

A patron tried to enter behind you, and they said a few words to your back, but you couldn’t understand them with the music so loud. The noise drowned out whatever they had complained about. Instead of standing there any longer and risking the change to have to deal with anyone else who might have something to say, you continue on into the room. Scanning the people in the front, frowning when you didn’t see her. Maybe she didn’t show? No. There was no way she wouldn’t be here. She said she was coming, and she was coming.

Walking down the line of bar stools and past the people dancing, you maneuver through the separation of rooms to the pool table area. Four pool tables filled the space. Multicolored chandeliers sat above the tables, allowing for better illumination as people played. There were a few bar stools lined up sporadically along the walls to allow people room to sit, with the bar on the far-left wall continued into this room as well. Only a few people mingled around in this room. Two of the pool tables were filled with younger adults, younger than you probably by 10 years or more, but that didn’t matter to you. You weren’t here for them. Scanning the other two tables, you exhale a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You finally spotted her.pool 21

She was dressed in a form-fitting tank top. Her brown hair falling down over her face as she leaned over the pool table; her pool stick poised in her hand. Two other men and a woman stood around the table watching her and your blood ran hot in your veins. You didn’t like how the other two guys were leaning back to check out her ass, that was perfectly rounded in those dark washed jeans that flared out at the bottom. Her knee bent and you saw she was wearing sexy black heels.

 Hands clenched at your sides; you took in the view before you. With her lean legs bent like that, she was able to lean further over to reach the ball she was aiming for. Her body stretched out as her breast and hair grazed the green felt of the table. Her necklace dipped between her breast and you watched as she sucked on her bottom lip before easing the pool stick back, once, twice, and then struck the cue ball. Damn, she was sexy.

You felt yourself getting rigid just watching her. In that instant, you knew tonight was going to be about more than just catching up. Knowing that once you touched her, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from taking more. Hard cracking sounds pulled you back to the present when she shot straight up and made a squealing noise, indicating she had just made her shot. The other woman looked shocked and one of the guys just stared at the hole the ball just went in. Disbelief on his face. However, you weren’t paying attention to those two. No. You were watching as the other guy, a tall semi-toned man, congratulated your crush by saying something and pulling her in for a hug. You watched as she barley laced one of her arms around him, already trying to back away but the guy pulled her in tighter, his hand falling down to cup her bottom.

You saw red. Storming over to where they were all mingling, you walk right up beside her and grip her arm, pulling her away from the other man. Shock was on her face until she registered it was you. Her features softened, and she gave a – member hardening – smile. The other guy, however, was glaring daggers at you and you turned to face him, pulling her behind you as you did so.

“What the hell dude? Do you mind?”

“I could ask you the same question.” Your nostril flared with irritation. The smell of alcohol and cigarettes on the other man’s breath. “What makes you think you can put your hands all over my girl?”

“Your girl?” the guy looks you up and down questioningly.

“Yea.” You watch as he tilts his gaze behind you, probably to get confirmation from her behind you.

The guy must have read the conformation on her face because he held up his hands and backed up a step. You were very aware of her body pressing against your back. Her breast heaving up and down. The friction of her breathing had you catching your breath and heating up your insides. Your muscles flex instinctively and her hands grip your arms, turning you around to face her.

You are greeted with a small smile and bright green eyes. Damn what this woman does to me.

“Hi.” She said.

“Hey,” you say back and wrap your arms around her; pulling her in for a hug. She lets out a squeak when you tighten your arms a little before relaxing your grip, not fully letting her go.

“So,” she began. “Your girl?” her eyebrows wiggled in a teasing question and you become lost in those pools of green again.

“Yea,” you said with a smirk. You readjust your stance to try not to alarm her with how hard you were already. She seemed to not notice as she stared back at you waiting on an answer. “I didn’t like the way he was touching you.” You reply with a tick of your jaw.

Her body shivered in your arms. “Are you cold?” Your gaze searching her face. “I can get you a jacket.”

“No.” Her honey voice cutting you off before you could say anymore. The bright smile back on her face. “I wasn’t shivering because I was cold.” Her thighs brushed up against yours in an intimate gesture and her eyes flashed a deeper green. Indicating her building arousal.

You didn’t care if the people around you were staring. You couldn’t wait any longer just to maintain idle chit-chat. You wanted more, now and you weren’t going to ask for it. Breaking away, you grab a hold of her hand and all but yanked her back towards the bathrooms. The people she had been playing pool with gave a little protest as she dropped her pool stick onto the table as you both pass, but you didn’t bother giving them anymore your time.

You felt like you would burst out of your pants if you didn’t do something, and soon. “Where are we going?” she asked from behind you. Without a response, you lead her past the bathrooms and down a dark hallway that emptied out into the alley outback. The hallway takes a right turn before you reach the door that goes to the alleyway. You knew no one would bother you back there. It wasn’t the most ideal place to do this, but at this point, you weren’t too picky.

Stopping after the turn, you tug on her hand to swing her around. When she is in front of you, you press her into the wall and hungrily claim her mouth. She lets out a moan against your lips and rocks her hips into your thigh. You can feel her heat through her jeans and growl into her mouth with abandon.

Eagerly, your hands grab her waist and hold her still while you trail kisses down her neck and to the top of her breast. Her head falls back, and she pants slightly. Both of your hearts beating rapidly as you continue your claiming of her skin. Her hands grip the tops of your shoulders as one of your hands comes up to cup her breast. You swallow another one of her moans with your mouth, as your other hand undoes her jeans and zips them down.

Your hands tug on the denim fabric, pulling them down over her hips and then you dip your hand into her panties to find her hot and soaking wet for you. “Fuck,” you mumble against her lips and claim her mouth again, plunging two fingers into her swollen sex.

She groans against your mouth and rocks into your touch. Meeting your thrust for thrust she pulls back and pleads, “More. Oh please, more.”

“You want more baby?” You ask, loving the way she is pleading and writhing in your arms.

Her eyes lock on yours and she nods but you want an actual answer, so you still your movements. She whimpers and tries to rock against your hand again, but you pull out. Leaving her panting against you and giving you doe eyes that were melting your heart and making you harder.

“Tell me.” You demand, your voice deepening from the need welling up inside. Her nails dig into your skin while she chews her bottom lip. The nervous motion was not lost on you. You use your thigh, pushing it between her legs and rubbing it against her pussy through her jeans. She gasps and digs her nails into your shoulders further. The bite of pain and pleasure had you biting back your own groan. “Tell me,” you say again.

“I want you. Please.” She rubs against you and you can feel her starting to soak through her jeans onto your pants. The smell of her filling your nose, making you want her even more. “Fuck me.”

She watched as you suck your fingers in your mouth that had just been inside her. Her lips forming an O and her eyes darken with desire. Her juices taste sweet like honey and you groan with approval. Unable to wait anymore, you pull down her tank top, sliding her bra down with it, to reveal her taut nipples. Her hand fisted in your hair as you sucked one tight bud into your mouth. Lapping at it like it was the last drop of water in the world.

Her back arched into your mouth and you released her nipple with a loud pop to lift your head. She gave a low sound of disapproval with your absence, but you knew she would be much happier in a moment. Using one hand, you free yourself from your own jeans. Gripping your pulsing member, you slowly stroke yourself. Noticing she was watching you and the way she licked her lips, had precum beading the tip.

Shaking your head, you say, “No. Not right now.” Her lip pouted out and the sight of it had you smiling. “I want to be inside you.” You ground out roughly. “I need to be inside you.” Your words ringing out in the dark hallway. “We can do more later.”

Suddenly the sounds of people coming down the hallway had her stilling in your arms. Silently you curse as the voices seem to get closer. A few seconds pass and you both blow out a breath as the sound of a door opening and shutting reach you. They left you both again, in your own world.

“Maybe we should…” Not waiting to hear what she was going to say you tug down her pants and panties to her feet in one swift motion that had her words stilling in her throat. A rumble spread through your chest as you rub your hard cock between her very wet folds. Fuck if she wasn’t dripping everywhere.

“Baby,” she whispered against your ear and you growled low in your throat as you grabbed her ass cheeks in each hand, lifting her up as if she weighed nothing. With one strong thrust, you filled her completely. Her head fell back and slightly hit the wall as you bit down on her shoulder, marking her as yours.

The feeling of her warm, wet, and tightly wrapped around your hard-throbbing cock motivated you to push into her over and over. The faster and harder you pushed into her, the wetter she got. She was insatiable for you. Her moans and pleas rang in your ear until you couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Cum for me baby.” You command as you thrust in and out of her. Never slowing down, the sounds of your breathing echo in the dark hallway.wall 21

“Oh. Yes. Right there.” She pants. Her hands gripping your arms as she comes undone under you. Her walls squeeze you tight as her release spills down your shaft and onto the floor.

“Fuck me. Baby you’re so good.” You ground out as you lift on hand and grab her hair. Her legs spread as wide as you could get them with your arm under her thighs grabbing her ass and her jeans around her ankles. You didn’t worry if someone could hear you rutting her up against the wall like a rabbit in heat. In the next moment, you grunt out a response into her hair as your body flushes against her and you spill into her. Your pants of satisfaction filling the now still hallway.

Thank you for reading Blind Date – Finally Meeting by Georgia Grace. I appreciate all my readers and hope you will stick around to read more! You can always see me on Facebook or writers espresso as well. My books are out on Amazon. Links to them are under my Books For Sale Tab. I would love reviews on good reads as well. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you again for reading Blind Date – Finally Meeting.


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