Passionate Readers Needed!

G & T Publishing has a need for passionate readers. Our online author services include book reviews, and we would love to have Beta Readers and Reviewers join our team!

Do you enjoy an escape?

Sometimes we all need that mental health moment or day.

Reading increases brain stability and keeps your cognitive skills sharp. Why not help out an author while you take that break?

It is fulfilling knowing you are helping out yourself and others.

Do you find yourself scrolling through endless texts?

Screen time can be stressful on the eyes!

You can not only review with your kindle or reading app, but you can put the phone down altogether. Sometimes holding an actual book is the best for reading.

Give your eyes a break and your brain an imagination workout.

Do you like to read to your little ones?

Let the author know what you think about it!

Use your reading powers for good. Tell the author what you liked and what you did not like in a review!

Take us on your reading journey with your sweet child and help us with our reading journey too!

Any age is ok!

We want to hear directly from the reader!

Readers of any age are welcome. From the reactions of a 2-year-old to the world created with a 16-year-old. We want to know what the reading experience was like at any age, and we are hoping you will want to share your opinions with all of us.

Don’t be shy! And if your child is too young to type or write, we can take the observations of the parent as well!

Want to share with us?