The Blacksmith’s Final Say

The Blacksmith’s Final Say

Every step reverberated through her. Anticipation and nervous tremors built inside of her the closer she got to the wooden pillory. Patiently, he stood there. The confident smirk he bestowed had her feeling like a caught mouse under his cat-like demeanor and her body betrayed her with sweet chills.

Standing there in front of him, she watched as his eyes traveled down the length of her. The taste of blood seeped into her mouth, surprising her. The consequences of her unconscious lip biting. Arms wrapping around her ribs at his devouring eyes making her shudder slightly.

“Are you cold?” At his question, she shook her head. She wasn’t really cold as much as she was a nervous wreck. “Really?” His eyes fell to her chest and she followed his gaze. Her nipples were hard against the fabric of her chemise. Twin peaks at attention as she shifted her arms up to cover herself. Cheeks a flame at the indecency that her body betrayed.

“Look at me.” He commanded. The seriousness of his voice had her slowly lifting her eyes. He towered over her. At this angle, she could see the small stubble underneath the black coating of dust. The need to run her fingers over the tiny hairs almost palpable. “Are you cold?” he asked again.

The need to look away from those prying eyes, had butterflies coiling low inside her. She felt the need to flee like the deer in the forest but she remained still. His jaw ticked as he waited for her reply and her body ached with need.

“No Master Kenneth.”

“Then why is your skin chilled?”

Her eyes fell as she said in hushed tones, “I dare not say.”

Staring at the ground, she knew his eyes were still on her. He radiated like the flames from the hearth and she knew if she kept this going somehow, she would be scorched. His finger and thumb hooked under her chin, forcing her head up to look at him again.

“Why is that Katerina?”

“I…” was all she got out before her face flushed once again and her mouth closed shut. His eyes bore into hers and he blew out a breath.

“Well, if you won’t tell me,” he began, turning to lift open the pillory, “then maybe you will want to after you test this.”

The blush that had crept up her whole body felt hotter than any fire pit. I am going to stay the color of the orchards, she thought to herself. She could barely breathe at the look in his eyes. Swallowing back the lump in her throat and nodding, she moved. Bending at the hips, she had to lean forward to rest her hands and neck in the open holes. At this point, she was just glad to not have to speak.

“Good,” he said, “stay just like that.”

The wood creaked slightly as he lowered it. For a moment she felt panic at being enclosed in this contraption but reminded herself where she was and whom she was with. That alone, calmed her enough to take in a shallow breath. Holding still was difficult. Not only was she in an uncomfortable position, but her overwhelming need to flee was increasing by the second. That is until he came around to the side to brush her hair away from her neck.

The soft touch of his fingers against her sensitive skin had her all but melting into the wood. The gentle jester was not lost on her. His finger remained a few moments longer than they needed to, threading through her hair and resting at the top of her shoulder blades. Clearing his throat, she heard the click of the locks going into place.

“Now,” she saw him move his feet away, “try to move your head around.”

She did as he asked, still confused about her feelings about this situation. She tilted and tried to swirl her head to look up or over. Very minimal vision with the restraints holding her in place.

“Good,” he praised. “Now try to lift it or pull out of it.”

The firm order played havoc on her insides but she did just that. The wood rubbed against her soft skin and she knew tomorrow she would not only feel it but there would be marks. She wiggled and nothing gave. Her back twisted slightly and the cloth from her dress pulled and shifted with her attempts.

“Try harder,” he commanded.

Obeying, she planted her feet and tugged backward. The wood creaked and the hinges clinked but nothing opened or gave way. The pulling had her skin rubbing harder against the wood grain causing slivers of shocks to run through her. A soft sound, a mix of pain and annoyance, escaped her lips.

“Hmmm…” Pausing in her attempts, she followed the movement of his feet. Slow, steady clicks rang out below her as he walked around. His hands gripping the wood here and there to shake it every so often.“Master?”

“Shh.” He replied. The syllable was sure and steady.

She couldn’t turn her head to look at what he was doing. His closeness had wetness growing between her legs. The vulnerable position she found herself in had her both excited and unsure causing her to bite her lip once more.

Warm fingers slid off the wood and over her neck, gently rubbing along her upper spine and tracing over her clothes further down her back. She shivered and a tiny whimper escaped. He grunted. It was low and almost in the form of a chuckle. Her legs squeezed together.

“Mmmm, now no need for that.” The coo was husky and his hand traced further down her back, creeping closer to her rear. “Your legs will get sore Katerina.” He reached just above her bottom, pausing. “Spread them again for me.”

The simplicity of his words lost on her. So many filthy thoughts ran through her brain that she couldn’t breathe. Should I? Did he mean to say it like that? What happens if I don’t? What happens if I do?

All these contemplation’s running through her head she didn’t hear him request her to do it again. Seconds passed before she heard a loud crack and then felt the sting against her ass.

“Master!” She yelled out, mostly in shock. He chuckled, low and hearty. The sound had her knees buckling.

“From your reaction, I think you liked that.”

Unsure how to respond to his statement, her eyes shut and her head fell, effectively resting her neck against the rough wood. The hand that smacked her bottom, once again laid against her lower back. The palm of his hand rubbed, bunching the fabric of her dress as he walked around her. What is he doing? Why do I feel the need to press back against him?

“I must say, you are a fair sight to behold in my masterpiece.”

Her head lifted. Her mouth agape as her whole body flushed with his compliment. In any other circumstance, she would have blushed and accepted it, but in this position, she felt immoral; like she should be at the tavern with the other impure ladies.

“Please, don’t say that.”

“Don’t say what?” He stilled against her, waiting. “You should not be embarrassed if that is your concern.”

“This is highly unorthodox.”

He continued, speaking over the top of her as if she hadn’t spoken, “you are fair as a blooming flower. Thy leof,” his words filling her with such wanton she began to pant. Feet moving once again, his hand slid to cup her backside over her clothes. “There is not a single maiden that equals thy.”

“Please…” but she could not finish that sentence, for she knew not what she was begging for.

His warmth radiated into her side. His clothes brushing against her own and his hand slipped down under her gown to gently grab a handful of her rounded cheek and squeeze. A moan escaped her lips and she swore she felt something harden against her thigh. The length rubbing upon her.

“What does thy need?” The words came out in a question but she wasn’t sure that he had really asked one. The heat of his palm seeping into her flesh causing havoc on her mind. “Katerina?”


Hot air blew out in frustration, “What does thy need?”

Ringing sounded out in her ears as she searched for an answer. Her mind unable to locate an appropriate response, she let out a small squeal. In response, he rumbled low in his chest.

“If thee will not answer me,” shifting, he lifted the back of her gown exposing her backside. Heated air fanned her skin and she attempted to squeeze her legs together.  “Oh,” He said, sounding surprised, “Katerina, where are your underlings?”

“I –“, she stammered with embarrassing frustration, “I -I hung them to d..dry this morning.”

“Mmmmm,” he hummed in obvious approval. The deep rumble causing her whole body to tingle. “Are you going to tell me what it is thee needs?”

Katerina tried shaking her head back and forth as best she could given the restraints.

She could hear the smile in his response. “I was hoping ye would refuse.” Some rustling and she felt his hand move. Fingers traced down her bottom towards the crease in the center and she shifted. “It seems, I will have to ponder at what ye needs.” Her heart rate sped up and the rushing to her ears drowned out everything else. It was as if she was in a funnel with no direction as to which way was up.

“Perhaps,” he began, “you need a little of this.”

His fingers swept swiftly down her bottom to push their way between her tightly squeezed thighs. Rough pads teased at her saturated opening and she moved forward to try to get away but bumped against the wooden block.

“Yes,” he hummed in approval as the locks dinged, “ye was very much in need.” His other hand moved to push open her legs and she almost tripped at fighting it. Eventually, he pried her legs apart and she felt him move fully behind her. Looking down at the ground she saw his shadow crouching and her body flushed again. He is staring at my intimate parts!

“Perfect.” He stated. “Pretty pink, like the roses outside.”

If she wasn’t already being held up, she would have fainted. She felt the need to do just that but somehow remained coherent as he continued his exploration. “Oh!”

Hot breath fanned her private parts and she pushed forward, only to be pushed backwards from the restraints. Her wet folds hit against a warm mouth the same instance that firm hands gripped her thighs to hold her in place.

She moaned. Loud and long as he began tasting her. His tongue lapped at her wet folds and his lips sealed around her swollen nub to suckle on her as if she was a cow that had just given birth. She moaned and whimpered. The buzzing in her ears subsided enough for her to hear his mumbles of satisfaction, along with the sounds of him suckling at her. Amplifying the heat building inside her.

“Oh, Master! Master! Master!” She moaned over and over again. The pressure building so high she thought she would break in half. His mouth suckled on the bundle of nerves between her legs as she felt one, then two fingers slip inside her. “Kenneth!” She screamed.

He chuckled, the vibration, along with all the other sensations he had provoked, broke something within her. Her head flailed up and down; side to side as she orgasmed. Her legs shook at the force of her release and he still did not stop his menstruation to her swollen and sensitive parts.

“Stop. Stop!” she pleaded as the sensations made her legs jerk. He released her with a pop and she tried to catch her breath. Her legs buckled, needing to give out but unable to. A torturous flaw to this contraption. Just when she was able to breathe normally again, her heart rate slowing, she saw his feet.

“Now,” his words strained, “it is thyn turn.”

She looked up, his draw-string eye level. Standing in front of her he tugged at the fabric until it loosened and fell to the ground. His harden shaft

sprung free and tapped against her cheek. Stunned, she blinked. What was that?


“Open?” She asked coming back to herself.

“Open,” he repeated. This time, his hand gripped her jaw and applied pressure. Her jaw relaxed enough to do as he commanded. “Good leof.”

Her eyes looked up at him just as he pushed himself into her waiting mouth. Eyes going wide, she gaged slightly from the shock of it. He groaned, deep and low sending waves of tingles throughout her. Slowly he moved, one hand fisting into her hair and the other gripping the wooden pillory above her head.

Never having done this before, she felt self-conscious. With his hand away from her mouth she was able to adjust her jaw once again.

“No teeth,” he hissed. His movements stopped and she noticed he was looking down upon her. “no teeth,” he said again and she relaxed her jaw to accommodate him. “Yes.” The one word made her feel more confident and she swirled her tongue around the hardness.

His breath quickened, giving her the indication, she was doing something right. Closing her eyes when he started moving in and out of her warm mouth again. His movements more erratic the longer she lapped at him. Creating suction with her cheeks, she molded a funnel around him. He moaned. A deep, long baritone moan that had wetness seeping between her legs. She sucked harder.

His hips thrust faster and faster into her mouth. The pounding becoming more feverish and violent. His breathing labored as he built himself up. She could sense he was close, like she had been and wanted him to release too, but was unsure. I wonder what this will taste like? Can I swallow it?

She didn’t have to wait long. The moment those thoughts were in her head she hears him yell out, “Lord!” and thick warmth filled her mouth. The

salty hot substance occupied her and she swallowed, slightly gaging at the texture. He sucked in a breath and hissed it back out as she continued to suck all of him down. Her attempt at trying not to gag only failing twice.

Small little jerks ensued until he was completely spent and then, “Ah,” as he pulled free from her. His seed now coating her inside from lips to belly. The fire within her banked for the moment. “I think this works.”

She looks up at him as he moves around the pillory out of view. Small clicks before the wood plank lifted and she slid out. Her legs too weak, she slides as gracefully as she can to the floor. Peering up at Kenneth as he ties up his breeches. He smirks, kneels in front of her, and cups her chin in his hands.

“Katerina,” his heavy baritone voice like honey to her frazzled being, “you passed the first test.” Her brows furrow in confusion when he leans in, his mouth covering hers in a hot promising kiss. Her eyes drifted shut and she leaned into him, palms planted on the stone floor for balance.

He released her mouth but remained a breadth away from her own. “That was one of many.”

***** END ****

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