First Dinner Part 2

        The conflicts of her mind were drowned out by the pounding of her heart. The emotions she got when Josh suddenly took her in his arms overwhelmed her. His strong arms engulfed her, wrapping around her tightly and slightly lifting her off the floor as his mouth descended upon her own. This kiss was fevered. Lips and tongue clashing together. Her arms that rested on his forearms slid up to entangle around his neck. His big palms slid down to cup her bottom, lifting her even higher. Her legs wove around his hips. The zipper of his trousers and the open belt buckle rubbed into her sex.
        Her moan came out loud. The noise penetrating the blood rushing in her ears. His fingers dug in deeper on her ass, she was sure the skin would bruise later but she didn’t care. She needed this, she was sure of it, and from his reaction, she knew he did too. His lips pulled away from hers to run kisses down her chin to her neck. The sensation of his lips on her skin made her moan again.
         “Baby, I need you but if we don’t slow down,” his eyes coming up to lock on hers, “I won’t last long. And that isn’t what I want.” Carol saw her own desire reflected in his eyes. The burning need to have him that pooled deep in her belly spreading throughout her.
         All she could do was nod. Words escaped her as her mind tried to grasp on the reality of the situation. Or maybe, her mind wanted to let go. She wasn’t really sure anymore and she didn’t care. Josh’s hips rubbed against her thighs and the buckle dug in deeper between her legs as he moved them closer to the bed.
         Her fingers moved to roam his shoulders then slowly eased a bit farther down his upper back. Muscles flexed as he moved and shifted. Bunching up under the pressure of holding her. She wasn’t the lightest person, but from the nonexistent sounds of labored breathing, it would be as if she weighed nothing to him. His eyes never leaving hers as he made his way towards the bed.
         His mouth brushed against hers when he unwound her legs from his and set her down on the floor. Carol’s body was on fire everywhere. His hands left her body and he stood up straight. Staring down at her he said,
        “I am going to eat you up.”
         Visually, she shivered. Her body melting instantly at the low husky tone he used. His deep brown eyes seem to be feasting on her own. A small gasp escaped her lips when he pushed his pants the rest of the way off. His hard member bobbing out, inviting her eyes to look. He didn’t have any underwear on. That turned her on even more.
         Swallowing hard, she pulled her eyes away from his hard shaft. She tried to ignore the way it made her mouth water but failed miserably. Josh had a smirk on his devilishly handsome face and she knew she had been caught gawking at him.
        “Come here.” He demanded.
        Tingles were eating at her stomach she took the two steps to stand, skin to skin, against him. Her head tilting back to stare up at his handsome face.
        Without a word, his mouth claimed her again. Carol’s arms wound behind his neck and his went around to her back. His roaming hands found the zipper of her dress and she heard the sound of him sliding it down. Her exposed backside got goosebumps as the air hit her skin.
        “Mmmm…” She mumbled against his lips.
        His hands slid to her hips and without coming up for air, he maneuvered them. With his hands on her hips, he guided her to move to the side then backward. She jumped slightly when her exposed skin bumped against the cold glass of the window.
        “I got you.” He said against her lips. His tongue plunging into her mouth once more before drawing back. Her eyes fluttered open to see a slight tilt to his mouth just before his hands gripping her waist spun her around.
        Her hands came up and planted on the glass. Her eyes, open in surprise, stared at the wide expanse of nighttime skyline. Darkened rooftops and glittering of lights from streets and rooms filled the city. The heat of his body curling over hers brought her attention back to the present.
        “Now stay still little mouse.” His husky voice cooed in her ear, sending another bought of shivers through her.
        His hands ran up her arms and laid on top of her own on the glass. He slid her palms up further on the glass until she almost had to stand on tiptoe to reach where he wanted.
        “Perfect. Just like that.”
        “Josh – “
        “Shhh. Stay just like that.”
        Carol bites her lip to keep herself from responding. Sensing Josh liked to be in control. She didn’t mind letting go some but she wasn’t sure she would be good at losing all control. She waited for whatever was next with a parade of butterflies in her stomach. His hands leaving hers, slid back down her arms, over her sides. 
        Panting now, Carol looked at herself in the window. Her focusing going in and out because of his closeness, but she was able to see the mirror image of both of them in the glass. He was looking at her back. She could see the way his eyes took her in. Looking her up and down. The raw hunger she saw reflected in them made her moan out loud.
       His eyes snapped up at the sound. Finding her own in the mirror, he licked his lips and smiled. The flush of feelings it created had her biting her lip in response. She swore he might just be the death of her.
       His eyes never leaving hers as he took one hand and pulled her zipper down the rest of the way. His body semi shielded by her own in the glass had her wishing she was smaller so she could see more of him. The curves of his body made her crave to lick every inch and the feeling also had her mind racing.
        She tried not to think of the past but her mind began to wonder. It was never like this before with her deceased husband. He always took care of her – yes, but he was never this dominant. Something she wasn’t sure she ever wanted but now understood she liked.
        Josh must have sensed she was becoming distracted because suddenly a hand smacked across her bottom and she yelped in response.
        “When you are with me little mouse,” his mouth against her ear. His body pressing against her back and his erection now firmly against her ass. “I expect you to pay attention.” He nipped her ear and she moaned. “Understand?”
         She nods and received another smack to her bottom.
        “Good mouse.”
        His tongue licked her earlobe and she felt herself becoming increasingly wet between her legs. The sensation having her wiggle to keep her thighs shut. The motion also had her rubbing against his hard shaft. He moaned, low in his throat.
        His hands firmly gripped her hips to keep her still. The pressure of him had her body wanting to move more. It was a feat to stay still like she knew he wanted but she did. Slowly his hands released her hips and moved up her sides. Agonizingly, he delicately slid off her dress. When the fabric pooled on the floor around her feet and she stood there only in her underwear, she heard him growl. The noise made her feel like a mouse caught by a lion.
        His skin molded to her back. Every flexing muscle she felt against her. So much power and yet he was so gentle with her that it had her attracted to him even more. She watched in the glass as he closed his eyes and smelled up her spine. Sliding with the motion like a snake as he did so.
        “Josh, please.”
        Unsure what she was asking for but the words came out anyway. He brought out so many foreign emotions within her. She wanted something but she didn’t know what. He reached up and with one hand unclasped her bra. Heat surged to her cheeks and she got the sudden urge to cover herself. Her hands started to move and he immediately clasped over hers, pressing her hands firmly against the now warm glass.
        “What did I say little mouse?” His tone exacting no excuses.
Carol swallowed before answering. “Stay.” Her voice was small even to her own ears.
         A smack sounded out against her ass and she jumped. “What was that for?” She whined.
        “When you do not listen, I will punish you. That is what that was for.” His big palm rubbed her cheek that stung from the slap. The more he rubbed the less it stung until it just was a rousing sensation tingling all the way to her center. “Now, what did you say please for?”
         Her mind blanked out for a moment until she remembered she had pleaded earlier. Between her legs tingled again at remembering the sensation she had felt. His hand moved from her ass. He released her complete and stepped back. She watched him in the glass as he stood behind her. She realized he was waiting for an answer.
          Her body tensed and she almost moved again but then reminded herself what just happened when she tried to earlier. It had her staying still.
          “Good little mouse.” He praised. “I am still waiting for an answer.”
          Wetness grew between her legs. She knew she would have to answer him or else they might just stay there all night. Gathering her courage, she timidly replied, “I am not sure.”
          He studied her for a moment before moving once again to stand behind her. His hands smoothed over her bottom, playing with the fabric of her panties.
          “Well…. Did you like me smacking your bottom?”
          His eyes trained on her ass as he leisurely rotated between playing with her panties and rubbing her ass. His hands feeling like heaven on her skin.
         “Yes.” She said breathlessly.
         He lightly swatted her bottom again. Her moan so light, she wasn’t sure it even came out. He rubbed where his palm had been. His thumbs linking into the sides of her panties and tugging them off her hips and down her legs. She didn’t dare move when they fell to her feet.
         “Beautiful.” He said again.
         He crouched down behind her. His hands gripping either side of her thighs. Her cheeks flamed. From what she saw in the glass he seemed to be inspecting her. Her breast grew heavy the longer she stood there against the glass. The more aroused she became, the fuller they felt. Her nipples puckered painfully and she bit her lip against to stifle a moan.
         His hands nudged her legs farther apart. She complied without a word and knew he could see every exposed part of her now. She pressed her heated forehead against the coolness of the glass. One hand released her thigh. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on her breathing. Embarrassment flooded her system.
         A finger stroked her wet folds and her eyes popped open. Her head lifting off the glass and she attempted to look over her shoulder but all she could see was the top of his head. Her body wanting to squirm against his touch but she forced herself to stay still.
          “You are so wet for me.” His words setting a fire inside her. A finger began playing with her tender clit.
          “Oh my…” She sucked in a breath. “Josh!”
          “Yes, little mouse?” His fingers rubbed harder against her clit. She let out a moan. “You like that don’t you?”
          “Oh. Yes.” She panted. Her thighs spreading wider to give him more access to her. He lightly chuckled behind her.
          “You know, you are so beautiful when you open yourself up to me?” His tenderly crass words had her pussy seeping wetness. She could feel it starting to run down her inner thighs. “Damn baby.”
          His fingers leave her clit one second and the next two enter her. She cries out in pleasure and pushes herself back onto him. Her hands still on the glass, like she was told to do. Slowly she helped him as he fingered her.
The hand on her thigh moved to palm her bottom. Uncontrollably she moaned louder and louder as his pumping into her increased.
         “Josh!” She yelled. Her breast bouncing as she rocked back and forth. Uncaring that people in other buildings might be able to see her against the glass. His fingers pumped faster and faster. His palm keeping her movements limited as she felt herself building her orgasm.
         “Oh, Josh.”
         “Yes, baby.”
         “I’m going to come. Please. I want to come.”
         His fingers rip out of her and she lets out a whinny scream in frustration. She was about to push off the glass when she felt his tongue replace his fingers. He had her riding his tongue, moving back and forth from his tongue to sucking on her.
        “Oh God! Yes!” Her nails tried to dig into the hard glass but it did not give. Her whole-body tensing with the impending orgasm she knew was going to have her come undone. Her stomach tightened and her eyes closed. He began entering her with his tongue again and his hand came around. His fingers rubbing her hardened nub. The overload of sensation had her crying out in release.
         He sucked on her, licking everything he could from her. Her body still having spasms from the force of her orgasm when he stood. His arm wrapped around her middle, thankfully, because she wasn’t sure her legs could hold her. Her head fell to her arm and he tugged her slightly backward.
         “You taste amazing. I could eat you all day.”
         His words had her spent body attempting to respond again.
         “Josh…” She started in protest but was cut off when suddenly his hard shaft entered her from behind.
        “Fuck!” He moaned.
        One hand holding her hip and the other slid up her spine and around to cup her breast. The fullness of him stretching her wide. He began pumping in and out of her. Slow at first but increasing in pace.
        “So tight for me. So, fucking good my little mouse.”
        Her hands starting to slide off the glass.
        “Don’t move.” He reminded her.
        At his words, she firmly planted her hands back on the glass. His hand on her hip moving up to cup her other breast. He stroked in and out of her, some tension at how tight she was but that caused her to need to orgasm to build again. She could feel every vein in his hard cock as he moved.
        “Good girl. You feel so perfect.” He cooed. His words like honey. “Fuck. Yes, baby.”
         Her eyes closed again at his words. She wanted to focus on her body.
         “Open your eyes.” He demanded.
         She did as he ordered.
         “I want you your eyes open while I fuck you.” His words had her pussy soaking. She looked at him in the glass. His eyes locked on her face.
         “I want everyone to see me fucking my little mouse. You are my little mouse, right?”
          She didn’t know if he was saying it just for play or because he really wanted her to be his. From the look in his eyes, she figured he really meant what he was asking. She nodded.
          He slapped her ass again before placing his hand on her breast again. She whimpered.
          “Say it.”
          Her knees became weak at the look in his eyes and the feel of him throbbing inside her. She whimpered again. “Yes, I am your little mouse.”
         “Fuck, yes you are.”
         At that, he grips her breast and pounds into her hard. Thrusting of his shaft so forceful that he lifts her slightly. The slapping noises of him hitting her ass with every stroke sending her into her own orgasm again. She screams out. Her hands dig into the glass she was sure she would break a nail.
         “Fuck you’re squeezing me!” He shouted. His throbbing erection becoming ramrod hard. “Mine.” He states just as he moans out. He comes hard inside of her and she is pressed into the glass. His hands sliding to her hips to make sure he empties himself wholly into her.
         They stand there, locked together for a few seconds. Both trying to catch their breaths. When they come to, he pulls out of her and kisses her back. Her legs weak, she tries to stand straight but stumbles. He catches her. Lifting her in his arms he kisses her mouth and walks her to the bed.
        Placing her down on the covers he leans over her and nuzzles her cheek. He pulls back and looks into her eyes.
        “My perfect little mouse.”

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