Sinful Grace

From a young age, writing has been a passion of mine. Nothing feels as good as when I have an image in my mind and I am able to get it out. To share it with others is more than just a hobby and I hope it shows when I share my work with all of you. Life is worth telling and my Motto is:

  “You can’t have History, without a Story in it!”

Sinful Grace

Romance, in any form, can become consuming. It can be a saving grace to some, a hobby to others, a way of life, a fantasy, or even hope. Romance can be saucy, sweet, vanilla, raunchy, kinky, sexy, timid, tantalizing, teasing, or anything else you wish it to be. Although, the one thing always surrounding it is conflict or drama. An ardent romance either comes from resolve of drama, the obstacles around it, or flourishes from the start of it.

In my years of life, I have found I love all types of romance. The different feelings and languages of love have always brought a fiery passion within me. It is an art all in itself.

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