Fiona Trinket

I find that there is always something to imagine about. I see a kid staring off into space and know they are day dreaming. I wish I could be in there mind at that moment. The things they must be thinking. Adults even day dream. I know I do it. I do not think we ever fully grow out of it, nor do I think we should.

undefinedOne thing I truly believe is to always make mistakes. Never be afraid to make a mistake. We create so many things when we make a mistake. We also learn and grow from mistakes. Mistakes are magical in their own right. Make as many mistakes as you can as long as you gain some wisdom from them. You may become a sagacious leader one day from all the mistakes you made.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. I have kids around me all day that inspire me. Their imaginations are always astounding. Nature is a big inspiration to me. The feelings we get when the sun shines on our face or when we see a beautiful landscape. People tend to want to stay inside and sleep when it is dreary and raining. I feel porches were made for the purpose of enjoying all weather. I love sitting out on my porch when it is raining and listening.

Apollodorus of Phalerum once stated: “Before that I led a perfectly haphazard existence, and though I thought that I was getting somewhere, I was in fact the most wretched creature imaginable – quite as wretched as you are now – and believed that the pursuit of wisdom was the last thing a man should devote himself to.” (Plato, The Symposium, pg. 34). This can sum up a lot of thought in today’s world. When you have yet to fully experience things, you think that with mistakes comes daftness and foolishness. In reality, making those mistakes, living life, gives you the wisdom to know better. The wisdom to teach others so that it hopefully does not happen again.

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