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August 6th, 2021

The Wait Is Over

If you haven’ t heard, this month Prime Real Estate has released. It will be available for a limited time on KDP for free. If you do get a chance to read it, please, please, please leave a review. I love to know what you all think! It was the first finished book I ever wrote and I would love your thoughts on it. Honesty is always the best policy.

In other news, I will be working on the third installment of the Rayne Falls Ranch series. This may be the last in this series but I will keep you updated on that one. Plan to see more short stories on here as well. Check out my social media accounts for updates and possible idea help. I also have posted some photos of me. I hope you enjoy them! I also updated my tap stories in the Chapters Application. I have received so many compliments on the new story as well as continuingly receiving positive feedback on the other two I have already published. I thank you all for the support and hope to hear more thoughts as time goes on.

As summer comes to a close and the school year starts for some, I wish everyone some peace and hope that whatever change you had so far this year proved worthy of itself. Good or bad, change happens. Knowing how to move with it, is a grace all on its own. I know I have change coming, at least in book form, and I look forward to it. I also look forward to seeing some or all of you at my book signings coming up! Happy reading.

July 14th, 2021

Work, Work, Work

Good Morning All My Reader Friends! In case you haven’t heard, I have a new book coming out. Prime Real Estate is all finished and ready for release August 1st! I finished up my author photos for updating and to share with all of you soon!

I completed a new tap tale in Chapters Applications titled: Seduzione Oscura (Dark Seduction). I hope you like reading that as much as I am liking writing it. Look for a new short to add to the Tales of the Submissives section of the blog shortly. I would be taking some requests but I unfortunately am unable to post in Facebook for another 8 days due to their unwillingness to correct their algorithm issues. I hope their IT team can actually get on the ball with their censorship problems.

After this book release, I will be taking some time off from publishing to complete this round of book signings coming up. I have 3 within 2 months and I really hope to see all of you there. You can view those on the author signing page.

After that, I will be completing my series, Rayne Falls Ranch, with book 3, Their Saving Indelible Love, to be released in 2022. I hope you all will love these tales just as much as I do. I am excited to jump into the next stories with you. So many ideas coming!

May 4th, 2021

Signing update

If you haven’t ordered your books for me to sign, you still have plenty of time! I will have limited quantities at the events so if you can, please have yours ready. 

I will be at the Taste of Hamburger Festival in Hamburg PA on September 4th! You can view the event menus on this link. I will be sitting with other great authors form Writer Espresso. I hope to see all of you there.

If you can’t make it, I will also be at the Books Books Books event in Carlisle, PA on September 18th. See the flyer below for more information and to buy tickets. I hope to see all of you this summer!


March 21st, 2021

Follow Me: An Update

To everyone that have followed me and are still following me along the way, I want to say thank you. This has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to continuing exploring more with all of you. I am about to complete my next book, a standalone LBGT romance called Prime Real Estate. It is all edited and now I am just waiting to hear what my proof readers say about the piece before it goes public. I am excited to get this one out and start on my third book in the Rayne Falls Ranch series. I mean who doesn’t want to see what happens with the third brother, Reed? I know I do and as a leak of tid bit information, His love will be a sweet bumpy past romance.

Speaking of romance, I am going to be starting a new blog series titled, Tales of the Submissives. You will follow different stories (almost like a diary of events) for different women and possibly men submissives as they entangle themselves with a dominate counterpart. I will still be working and updating my blogs and short stories, but this will be a fun way to combine a little mix of everything for those that enjoy a series but do not want the full manuscript of work. Honestly, it is also a way to unbind my writers block and allow more ideas to flow freely too.

Feel free to reach out to me with ideas if you have any. You may see something within my work. Please note, there may or may not be trigger warnings with these stories. I will make a blurb of what type of possible trigger warning before the tale begins. As always, my work is for readers 18 yrs or older. When signing onto my blog or reading nay of my content, it is marked as 18 years +, by reading you are agreeing you are 18 or older.

You can also find me on, Twitter (@Sinful_Grace), Instagram (Sinful_Grace), Facebook (Sinful Grace Romance Author) and on Chapters Application under Sinful Grace.

Also, I have signed up for a few author signing events within 2021 and 2022. Please look out for my next blog update on those where you can meet me and get an autograph!

So many things have happened these last few months and those that have stayed on with me, even silently, are special to me and I hope you all know that. As always, “Remember, you can’t have History without a Story in it.”

-Happy Reading

March 3rd, 2021

Updates on Life

Happy day to all my readers and fans. I hope you have had a wonderful time while I have been away. I know this post has been a long time coming for an update and I wanted to reach out to all of you to give a status revival on where everything stands. I just posted two new shorts on this website. Please go and check them out. Dear Mama is a letter of sorts written from a daughter to her mother. If you have strong ties to family, sometimes it can be forgotten. You will love this one.

Under The Stars is a short about the struggles some military spouses go through when they receive bad news. Faith and loyalty can be tested when bonds are strained, but knowing that you are standing strong at home for those that cannot be there because they are standing strong for all of us abroad, is a love statement all on its own. I really enjoyed writing it as much as re-reading it too. Let me know what you guys think of it!

I have been super busy with relocating my office and getting work done with my other full-time job, other than writing. I have also been getting caught up on my next book. I plan on shooting some previews of excerpts and cover photos soon. So stay tuned for those little tidbits. Prime Real Estate will be reaching shelves and media devices soon!

Also, check out my tap stories: Love at the Lake & The Promise of Two on Chapters interactive application. I updated some of those stories and would love your feedback on them!

I hope all of you have been trying to keep yourselves as active as possible to starve off the boredom. It is never lacking imagination and inspiration at my house. Having kids will cause your mind to stray to other topics at times. It is only natural and allows me more products for my books. Thank you all for your continued support and remember, “You can’t have History without a Story in it.” -SG

January 10th, 2021

We Are The Fragmented Broken

So much controversy today, that it could make your head spin. People arguing with people. No one getting along because of what someone said or what some social media, news, or program showed you. Could you imagine being hated because of your personality, by others who don’t really know you? Judgmental hypocritical individuals that allow their influence to pollute others for the sake of attention. Facts are not facts anymore. What is true doesn’t matter. Censorship is real in so many forms and masses of people are being blind to it. Lambs and sheep being herded around by not one, but multiple herd dogs so that they stay compliant. What has the world come to?

This is what Lydia wanted to understand too. This is the world that Lydia lives in today.

This is the world of the fragmented broken.

Lydia can easily go onto social media, download, and look up news. There are several news feeds at her fingertips to help her stay current with the happenings of the world outside of her immediate one, but which one is the real information? When you think you have found out what is true, something else pops up saying otherwise. She can speculate and assume but you know what they say about assuming. The news talks about the masses saying this and doing that, but then you hear comments from the people and they are not agreeing with what has been said. What is real and what is fake?

So many controversies have come and gone. So much hate has spilled out into the minds of others. Nothing is being taught correctly anymore. Schools have removed certain informational criteria about our history so that other nonsensical ones can be infiltrated. Some are being removed altogether and this can harm us, for history can repeat itself if we don’t remember it. They are only including a certain portion of history to sway people’s minds to thinking it was only about one group of individuals, or another, when in fact, it was an inclusion of everyone.

Lydia has taken it upon herself to go to older history books and review information because the same thing, in a different precedent, has happened before. They tried burning books before too, saying that the information was false, foul, or not true. Taking away our facts, our way to gain knowledge is a type of control. Nazi Germany did it. North Korea has done it. Now Lydia has noticed that things seem to be turning that way in her own country. Most of the younger and some older generations have not properly read their own constitution, let alone know any of the information contained in it. A review of rights is not properly taught in school anymore.

Now they want to add classes about whichever oppression groups they deem fit, instead of just including all the oppressions this country has faced throughout history because it fits an agenda to make one out to be worse than any others. This is fake news. This is hatred being spilled into the masses and creating tension between different groups. It isn’t just a race thing. They do this with different religions, ethnicities, activists, and so forth. We should be coming together as ‘We the People’, but instead, Lydia has noticed that everyone is fighting against each other instead of working with each other.

She saw photos of women sweeping sidewalks once a week, men laying down their jackets for women to cross puddles, children freely talking to those that protect our streets, people stopping to help others along their travels, but not anymore. ‘We the People’ has become ‘I the Individual’.

This is the fragmented broken.

There was a time where people would band together to take down those that were corrupt and harming individuals. We fought for women’s rights, for what? To see a female lawyer, not only condemn an innocent girl by blaming her for her own rape and laughing when the rapist went free but move on to do much worse. She gained power over others and allowed other innocent lives to be taken from our society, but poorly covered it up only to be able to nominated for a higher power, after putting our own freedoms at risk with electronic mail. This is the female people wanted in office because she simply was a female.

We are the fragmented broken.

Lydia watched a regular person, come into power, that the people wanted because he was of a different race. He pushed for certain laws and new healthcare operations to try to help individuals. However, without proper knowledge or foresight into what those plans would do, he ended up hurting more individuals and fellow citizens ended up footing the bill. Lydia, could not afford her own healthcare, but she ended up being fined for it and her taxes still paid for more healthcare for other individuals. Some of those individuals were not even apart of her country. By her understanding, shouldn’t it be illegal? Shouldn’t that be something that is upheld by the law? This person in power, whom others trusted, decided that coming into the country the correct way, wasn’t necessary. That the people that did so legally, or were already citizens by birth, were responsible for those that broke the law and tried scheming their way in through loopholes and pulling heartstrings. She didn’t understand that why the word ILLEGAL wasn’t being upheld. She thought that Illegal meant just that, Illegal. Apparently, under this individuals’ rules, that word didn’t mean what it really meant.

We are the fragmented broken.

The news stations and social media that Lydia reviews, show that another man comes into power, that also was an average citizen. He reminded her of some of her family because she knows her family uses foul language, acts a little funny, and blurts things out too. Did she agree with some of what they say, no. She didn’t always agree with what this man says either, but let’s face it, no one was perfect. He may have said some nasty things, but it wasn’t like it wasn’t true. Some things can be counted as childish, or outlandish, she agreed. Sometimes reminding her of the kids at school that used to over exaggerate things too. It was annoying at times. He did try to work for the people by paving the way for more realistic avenues and fixing the broken fragmented system. Being only one person, and those fighting against him instead of trying to help him, it isn’t an easy task. With the other offices, there wasn’t this much animosity amongst pulling down another person’s status as with this induvial. Weren’t we taught in school and at home that helping each other succeed means we all succeed? Lydia didn’t understand how these different parties couldn’t see that coming together is better for everyone as a whole instead of ripping each other down.

We are the fragmented broken.

The news has blown up so many insecurities in everyone that Lydia is afraid to even bother looking at the news or reading it. Who knows what is true? So many fraudulent claims, so many people cheating on things, so many horrible words being spewed, and what is it all for? It only works against us, doesn’t it?

We are the fragmented broken.

Now, we are still arguing about who should lead. Lydia has heard so many people use foul names to the ones in charge that it saddens her. Making fun of the way they look, sound, or just making things up to be rude. Haven’t we been taught to not bully? Lydia knows that everyone has been told to tell the truth and to think of others’ feelings. To take into account how others would construe the situation. The mottos, “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” However, it seems that positivity is lacking in this world today. People are so angry and their emotions are not under their control that it spills over and affects us all.

We are the fragmented broken.

Results are in, but are they true or false? Have they been tampered with? Who knows? The two parties being yanked back and forth, with a tiny thread. The ones being pulled into power now are between the one discussed previously, who still fights for justice even while being mocked, and another that has questionable abilities to handle the job that he applied to do. When Lydia hears others speak, none of them can give good cause as to why they are for or against either individual. Some say one is better than the other, but they refuse or simply do not know why that is. When asked about their productive background, people still want to use foul language instead of giving facts. Lydia knows that facts, as she has explained before, are a rarity in this time period. Do we not review candidates anymore? Lydia doesn’t understand why there should not be a background check on someone who is to lead everyone but you need background checks for simple jobs. How do we allow someone who can change our lives and the way we lead them, to rule over us all but not question their history and morality?

We are the fragmented broken.

Nothing is about moral anymore. Riots are now called protests. Protests are now called riots. People watching as others are taken advantage of and property being destroyed. Communities being torn apart by the people in them. People being ripped apart. Those being sworn in to protect being disgraced and discarded because of a few bad seeds. Lydia was taught innocent trill proven guilty. Even when we prove someone guilty, they still are not punished. Lydia was taught, the individual needs to be held accountable for their actions, not a whole group who had nothing to do with it. If one person in a community steals or is corrupt, does that mean the whole community is? If one cop does something bad, does that mean the whole force is? If one politician is corrupt, does that mean the whole ban of them is? If one sales associate steals from their employer, does the entire staff get arrested and charged too? Lydia does not understand how we are clumping groups of individuals together and prosecuting them all?

We are the fragmented broken.

We demand change because we see bad acts happening, but what if those bad acts are staged? Lydia has heard of Martyrs. One person who was sacrificed to start a riot or war. Usually, these are to divert attention from something else going on and we as a whole, play right into it. Yes, there is still suffrage and slavery, and other forms of injustice. As human beings, we are not always going to be perfect and someone is always going to want to be one top. We can ban together and change this in time, but the way we are going, Lydia sees us destroying ourselves all together. We fix a problem with ending segregation and trying to end racism, but we are feeding into it once again. The hate. Always there because of our never-ending need to see the bad and have victims. There were more than one race and one ethnicity in slavery. Just because it happens doesn’t mean we as a whole didn’t try to fix it. Name-calling and constantly bringing it into a conversation, doesn’t help anyone. It only spreads more hate. Children are a great example of how our innocents can be corrupted by words and actions. Lydia knows that if we stop spreading division at an early age, becoming all-inclusive and accepting of everyone from the beginning, that it will put a stop to this madness. Will everyone always like everyone, no. Just like you may have preferences as to who you are friends with or who you are attracted to, there will always be that barrier of opinions and decisions. It also doesn’t mean that those choices have to divide us. Being offended by things doesn’t automatically make you a victim either, except in your own headspace. Lydia knows we need better coping mechanisms more now than ever and she hopes we all can find ways to deal with our emotions better. Seeing people for who they are and not just the outside is crucial.

We are the fragmented broken.

Terms. We need to set terms for those in a position of power. Lydia has seen how much those in power, those meant to serve the people, take from the people. Watching those in congress and the senate, not only sit around and play on their phones or other devices but sleep and nap. How are they meant to make important decisions if they cannot focus? She knows that if she was in a job and she was caught sleeping or playing on her phone, she would be fired. Why are the people not standing up against this and holding those in office accountable for their work ethic?

We are the fragmented broken.

Rehabilitation. It has always eluded Lydia how we have such an overcrowded correctional facility problem. Those facilities incite more crime and filter out more problems than they solve. Why are we placing people into jails and correctional facilities if they are meant to rehabilitate those we place there? Our tax dollars go to house and feed these people but in reality, society as a whole, Lydia included, failed those individuals. We not only do not seem to care abo how they got there, but we do nothing to help them while they are there. We place all the bad eggs together and expect them to behave and be better when they get out. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? That is like placing a vicious dog in with other vicious dogs and expecting them all to get along and be obedient when they get out of that crate. Yea… let her know how that works out. We then fail them when they do get out. Furthermore, condemning them because of the lack of available jobs to those that have been in. Our justice system is not a justice system anymore. Lydia has noticed that no matter what happens in a court of law, someone almost always loses. Being able to fix a mistake you may or may not have made, is almost impossible. For some, it never happens because the laws that individuals have instituted have been twisted to fit whatever need they wish. Someone who simply defends themselves could serve more time in prison than the perpetrator, leaving the person who defended themselves now with a hard time trying to find work when they are released. Does that seem fair? We need to hold our justice system accountable, not just the people in the big white house. Lydia is starting to become ashamed of our society as a whole, not just those in charge but of each and every individual for not holding themselves accountable for how things have turned out.

We are the fragmented broken.

Complaints of taxes fill the screens of the tv every year. Day by day we see people fighting over them. Our society did not use to pay taxes and we survived. Some had harder times than others but we made due, just like we do now, and they kept their finances. Why do we still need to pay taxes? Is it because the government tells you we do? Unemployment money gets dished out when the government or state officials deem you eligible to get it. Does that seem right? Something you pay into, but if you voluntarily quit, you probably will not get it. It is stolen money essentially because you paid for it, but will not get it. Voluntary or involuntary should not matter. It is called unemployment, not involuntary unemployment and even if it was, you should have the option for your money to go into or not. Did you sign something when you started that job saying you wished for money to be taken out? No? Well, neither did Lydia but it was forcefully taken out anyway. Would you consider that an infringement on your rights? She does but no one talks about that either. So many things to talk about, so many laws we should be reviewing, but we don’t. How about we start bringing the laws that go onto the auction block to be placed into effect or not, in Infront of a jury of peers instead of just those sitting in a circular room? How about we devise plans for those doing injustices, actual rehabilitation constructs and get them proper employment when they fulfill their obligations so they do not get pushed into repeating bad behavior? How about we let the people decide if they want to keep their funds or not? How about we come together as a community and stop all this hate? How about we teach our kids to accept each other by leading by example? How about… how about….

We are the fragmented broken.

September 9th, 2020


I have noticed that there are other authors with my name, I will be re-branding my image and books from Georgia Grace to Sinful Grace. If you have any confusion, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to continuing my work with all of my followers. Thank you.

September 2nd, 2020

Website standards on safe guarding: not protecting our youth

Recently it has come to my attention that there are no standards for safe guarding our youth on website platforms. When you make a post on any platform, create a blog, or a page, before you publish it there should be a box that allows the publisher to verify if the content is for 18 years or older. With everything coming into focus in today’s society involving our children, you would assume that it would be a company and platform standard to have this feature to protect our children from mature content over the internet. This is not the case.

On WordPress, Wix and other domain platforms where business are visualized and content/ context is released, there is no age checker button before you publish. If you want this feature the sites require you purchase either more features, upgrade or purchase the plugins to do this option. The web is global. It is available to everyone now. I am truly baffled, with the state of our public relations and the issues within our communities about the welfare of our youth that there is no standard for an age verification within every platform.

I wrote to WordPress on August 29th, 2020 and asked this:


I want to know how to add an age checker without having to pay more for a plug in. You would think with everything going on, that this would be a platform standard to automatically add it in? It seems unprofessional for WordPress to not have that feature available to everyone since anyone can add whatever they want.

I received a reply on August 31st, 2020 from WordPress and this is the response:

Thanks for reaching out!

An age gate is not a feature we have built in at this time, but it is something I’ve suggested to our developers on your behalf.


Ian Support Engineer@automatic

Do you consider this negligence with the tech companies who make websites available for the public to use or purchase to use without the age verification? This should be mandatory, don’t you think? If a young child goes onto an adult romance, erotica, or BDSM website to view their mature content/ context blogs or stories, do you think it should go against the author if they publish on it that the content is for mature audiences (without the age checker buttons)? If it is unavailable or an extra purchase option, wouldn’t you consider that the tech platforms negligence? How would you view this if your child read a short story with sexual content, the author states that it is for 18+ but there was no mandatory option to click they were 18+ before viewing?

I want to call out every platform on this foul practice. In the scenario above, I could not have been the first person to ask about this feature and why should I even have to ask about this? Why was this not apart of the process when creating these areas to add a global output and input of information? You should not make protecting our youth about monetary gain. This is not something that should be a debate. It should be mandatory on every published website, whether it is for personal blogging, a business or otherwise. It should be an integral standard within the global internet system and be mandatory without an extra fee to implement it.


June 29th, 2020

What I have learned in life, is that everything touches everything; we are the spinders’ of our life. There is not one thing that you can do that does not have some impact on something else. Even if you do nothing, sit at home and not go out, that still impacts another. This is very true when working as an author. If I write, I am being constructive and it can impact whomever reads my work. If I sit around and do nothing, it reaches no one and also impacts myself. Marketing is its own beast and if I sit around doing thing, not promoting, not advertising or sharing it impacts myself. It also impacts my family by loss of potential income.

If you are a parent, how you handle your children can also impact many things. How they behave, treat others, or simply learn can be impacted on what you do or don’t do with them. You are an example. You bring experience to the table with your knowledge and life lessons. This is what most employers look for, experience. Well, you are the employer of your own life and you need to train those who look up to you for guidance too.

Just like a spider, all your threads of experience, wisdom, knowledge and lessons touch each other. They show a journey that you have taken and they map out your history. History is very important and we learn so much from it. I hope that in your web weaving, you allow yourself to touch as many people as possible and that it is a positive experience. I know I try to touch people with my words and I also hope that they enjoy those words.


April 30th, 2020

I have been asked what do I find sexy about another individual. To be honest, I find every individual sexy in their own way. Personality attracts me more than features. The way someone behaves, their mannerisms, and overall personality is a draw. However, I have also been asked about other specific topics that pertain to the bedroom. There is one I do want to touch on.

Pleasure. When it is your own or someone else’s, when you are getting physical, pleasure is the main goal. Personally, I love hearing my partner’s vocal pleasure. Panting, grunting, moaning, any of it. I love nit all. Words are particularly body shivering sexy. I want to hear you. You always hear that when a woman moans, it is a turn on. Well, I think that when a man moans it is also just as sexy. Their vocal tones may be different but they are still equally as sexy. Knowing that you are satisfying and pleasing your partner is rewarding.

Never be afraid to make noise. Never be afraid to express yourself. I hope every person understands this and has the courage to express themselves. If you go into a physical relationship already nervous about how the other person will react when you are intimate, then you are not comfortable enough with them or yourself to be intimate. This is my opinion. I would rather wait to be intimate and be comfortable; sure, than to be questioning and holding back for fear of an unsatisfactory response.

Be yourself, always, and those that matter will care, and those that don’t won’t matter at all. And as always, you can’t have history without a story in it!

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  1. After checking out a few of the articles on your website, I honestly appreciate your technique of blogging. I added it to my bookmark site list and will be checking back in the near future. Please check out my website too and let me know what you think.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them! I will be checking out your site as well. Sorry for the delay but the website is going through maintience. I hope to hear more from you soon!


  2. Hello, I do think your site could possibly be having browser compatibility issues. Whenever I take a look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine however, if opening in Internet Explorer, it’s got some overlapping issues. I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other than that, wonderful website!


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