Romance Books for Sale by Sinful Grace (readers 18+)

Their Safe Landing
Book 1
Rayne Falls Ranch
Available on paper back and E book

Good Reads:

Survival is the name of the game.

Annette has had a rough life. All she wants is to live happily, abuse free, with her daughter. Instead, her ex-con of a husband keeps ignoring the PFA order. His abuse has now become a danger to their young daughter, who is also afraid of him. When she runs again and she finds herself at a diner in the middle of nowhere, her saving grace becomes an elderly lady who takes them both in.

Austin McPherson is a country man through and through. He lives on the ranch with his grandmother helping provide for them both. One day he wakes up to a screaming woman in his house, changing his life from then on. Not wanting to get pulled into any type of relationship, Austin can’t control the feelings he starts to get toward the beautiful woman and adorable child. Having Annette and her daughter Holly in his space and the need to protect them both, become a part of who he is.

Can love overcome obstacles that neither one of them can see?

Their Somewhere Safe
Rayne Falls Ranch
Book 2
Available on Paperback and Kindle E Book
Good Reads:

Have you ever had to clean up someone else’s mistakes?

This used to be a normal occurrence for Aaralynn Gravella. Her mother has many personal issues and she thought growing up meant finally getting away from all the havoc her mother creates around herself. Come to find out, it would follow her regardless, putting herself and her pet wolf in danger.

Kent McPherson was on leave from the military and on his way from his brother’s place in New York to his family’s ranch in Montana to be present for his brother Austin’s wedding. Making a few stops along the way, he wanders into a restaurant and bar for a meal. His plans got derailed when he witnessed an altercation between a group of men and a woman. Not being a man to sit still while a woman was in distress, he went to go assist the lady.

Protecting is the name of the game but can Aaralynn, who never relied on anyone before, learn to allow Kent to be that for her? Kent is only on leave, but will he find that what he wants is not in the service?

Find out how this story unfolds, when the two entwine from an escape of crime.

Prime Real Estate
LBGT Romance
Available on Amazon and Kindle Ebook

A broken heart and lost dreams pushed Natalia Purez to sell her veterinary practice in Tennessee and travel to a small town in Mississippi, where she left behind her best friend and ex-girlfriend. Visiting here as a child left her with so many great memories that she knew this was the perfect place to make a fresh start.

Nick Ward is a small-town realtor, but she was great at her job. Always assuming she had everything she ever needed, until her new client stirred up dormant feelings.

Amid all her confusion to keep her personal and professional life separate, Natalia’s past also makes an appearance. Bringing her back to the same posing question, “Am I ready to move on?” Prime Real Estate is about finding the good in life, wiping yourself clean of the bad and never stop trusting in yourself.

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