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September 9th, 2020


I have noticed that there are other authors with my name, I will be re-branding my image and books from Georgia Grace to Sinful Grace. If you have any confusion, please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to continuing my work with all of my followers. Thank you.

September 2nd, 2020

Website standards on safe guarding: not protecting our youth

Recently it has come to my attention that there are no standards for safe guarding our youth on website platforms. When you make a post on any platform, create a blog, or a page, before you publish it there should be a box that allows the publisher to verify if the content is for 18 years or older. With everything coming into focus in today’s society involving our children, you would assume that it would be a company and platform standard to have this feature to protect our children from mature content over the internet. This is not the case.

On WordPress, Wix and other domain platforms where business are visualized and content/ context is released, there is no age checker button before you publish. If you want this feature the sites require you purchase either more features, upgrade or purchase the plugins to do this option. The web is global. It is available to everyone now. I am truly baffled, with the state of our public relations and the issues within our communities about the welfare of our youth that there is no standard for an age verification within every platform.

I wrote to WordPress on August 29th, 2020 and asked this:


I want to know how to add an age checker without having to pay more for a plug in. You would think with everything going on, that this would be a platform standard to automatically add it in? It seems unprofessional for WordPress to not have that feature available to everyone since anyone can add whatever they want.

I received a reply on August 31st, 2020 from WordPress and this is the response:

Thanks for reaching out!

An age gate is not a feature we have built in at this time, but it is something I’ve suggested to our developers on your behalf.


Ian Support Engineer@automatic


Do you consider this negligence with the tech companies who make websites available for the public to use or purchase to use without the age verification? This should be mandatory, don’t you think? If a young child goes onto an adult romance, erotica, or BDSM website to view their mature content/ context blogs or stories, do you think it should go against the author if they publish on it that the content is for mature audiences (without the age checker buttons)? If it is unavailable or an extra purchase option, wouldn’t you consider that the tech platforms negligence? How would you view this if your child read a short story with sexual content, the author states that it is for 18+ but there was no mandatory option to click they were 18+ before viewing?

I want to call out every platform on this foul practice. In the scenario above, I could not have been the first person to ask about this feature and why should I even have to ask about this? Why was this not apart of the process when creating these areas to add a global output and input of information? You should not make protecting our youth about monetary gain. This is not something that should be a debate. It should be mandatory on every published website, whether it is for personal blogging, a business or otherwise. It should be an integral standard within the global internet system and be mandatory without an extra fee to implement it.


June 29th, 2020

What I have learned in life, is that everything touches everything; we are the spinders’ of our life. There is not one thing that you can do that does not have some impact on something else. Even if you do nothing, sit at home and not go out, that still impacts another. This is very true when working as an author. If I write, I am being constructive and it can impact whomever reads my work. If I sit around and do nothing, it reaches no one and also impacts myself. Marketing is its own beast and if I sit around doing thing, not promoting, not advertising or sharing it impacts myself. It also impacts my family by loss of potential income.

If you are a parent, how you handle your children can also impact many things. How they behave, treat others, or simply learn can be impacted on what you do or don’t do with them. You are an example. You bring experience to the table with your knowledge and life lessons. This is what most employers look for, experience. Well, you are the employer of your own life and you need to train those who look up to you for guidance too.

Just like a spider, all your threads of experience, wisdom, knowledge and lessons touch each other. They show a journey that you have taken and they map out your history. History is very important and we learn so much from it. I hope that in your web weaving, you allow yourself to touch as many people as possible and that it is a positive experience. I know I try to touch people with my words and I also hope that they enjoy those words.


April 30th, 2020

I have been asked what do I find sexy about another individual. To be honest, I find every individual sexy in their own way. Personality attracts me more than features. The way someone behaves, their mannerisms, and overall personality is a draw. However, I have also been asked about other specific topics that pertain to the bedroom. There is one I do want to touch on.

Pleasure. When it is your own or someone else’s, when you are getting physical, pleasure is the main goal. Personally, I love hearing my partner’s vocal pleasure. Panting, grunting, moaning, any of it. I love nit all. Words are particularly body shivering sexy. I want to hear you. You always hear that when a woman moans, it is a turn on. Well, I think that when a man moans it is also just as sexy. Their vocal tones may be different but they are still equally as sexy. Knowing that you are satisfying and pleasing your partner is rewarding.

Never be afraid to make noise. Never be afraid to express yourself. I hope every person understands this and has the courage to express themselves. If you go into a physical relationship already nervous about how the other person will react when you are intimate, then you are not comfortable enough with them or yourself to be intimate. This is my opinion. I would rather wait to be intimate and be comfortable; sure, than to be questioning and holding back for fear of an unsatisfactory response.

Be yourself, always, and those that matter will care, and those that don’t won’t matter at all. And as always, you can’t have history without a story in it!


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